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Durable and thermally efficient, aircrete is one of the best materials with which you can build a house. But that’s not all. Read our comprehensive list highlighting the benefits of building with Celcon Blocks and why choosing to build with aircrete is a no-brainer for self-build homes.

Exceptional thermal performance

The inherent thermal properties of aircrete blocks improve a home’s thermal insulation making it one of the best building materials for energy efficient houses. Aircrete blocks are also perfect to accompany the energy saving technologies, like underfloor heating and air source heat pumps, that many self-builders are now factoring into their home’s design.

The thermal properties of aircrete also help make homes comfortable year-round by reducing the effect of temperature extremes in winter and summer.

A quicker masonry build

For self-builders, delays to construction can be particularly costly, so speeding up your build by using aircrete just makes sense. Lightweight and easier to handle than dense concrete blocks, building with aircrete is a fast method of masonry construction. Not only can this reduce time on site, it could also help you save on labour costs.

Eliminate risk of damp, mould & pests

Unsightly and unhealthy, damp and mould are the last things you should see in a modern home. Some building materials may also make a home susceptible to pests like termites and vermin, again not something welcome in a family home. Celcon Blocks however, are extremely resistant to all these problems and building with them eliminates the risk of your new home being affected.

Excellent fire performance

Compared to market alternatives like timber frame, aircrete offers superior fire resistance. All aircrete blocks provide excellent fire protection and are classified as A1, non-combustible in accordance with BS EN 771-4. H+H aircrete block walls built using our 100mm blocks offer up to four hours fire resistance.

Aircrete blocks have multiple applications 

Aircrete blocks are an extremely versatile building material. They can provide cost effective solutions for wall, floor and below ground construction, including aircrete foundations. With all these applications, you can simplify your self-build project by sourcing the core building material from one supplier.

Design flexibility

A home built with aircrete has the structural stability to allow for further extension or modification at a later stage. Even if it is perfect for the way you live today, life changes can create unexpected demands that require your home to change too. A solid masonry house structure can accommodate those changes because of the inherent strength of the material and a building that allows for this degree of flexibility is often easier to sell when the time comes.

Build to Passivhaus standards

Building your home’s walls with aircrete can reduce heat loss, achieve impressive airtightness and save you money on your energy bills. Aircrete blocks can have extraordinarily low U-values which are able to meet and even exceed Passivhaus requirements.

Build to last

When building your forever home, you want it to be built to last. If you don’t plan to live in your self-build indefinitely, you will want the home to be viewed as a solid investment by any future buyers. H+H is confident in the 100+ year lifespan of its aircrete structures and their ability to provide resilient homes for generations to come.

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