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Aircrete is a type of concrete that is lightweight but very strong and durable. Aircrete is made using cement, lime, water and pulverised fuel ash (PFA) with a dash of aluminium. Due to its properties, the aluminium causes a chemical reaction that forms millions of bubbles. These bubbles then dissipate to create a lightweight block, which looks rather like the inside of an Aero – without the flavour!

This aircrete block has all the strength required to build a house with the added benefits of it being extremely lightweight and thermally and acoustically efficient.

Should you choose to build your house with aircrete, you will get a solid house that meets every aspect of the building standards within the UK.

Fire and moisture resistance

Aircrete won’t burn, rot or warp. It is fire-resistant and can contain the spread of fire within a building. It is also resistant to moisture and sulfates, and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles. Aircrete blocks cannot by attacked by pests such as termites, insects or vermin.

Lightweight blockwork for versatility

Aircrete is the lightest of the different block types making it easy to handle on site and quicker to lay. Due to its material properties aircrete blocks can be cut with a hand saw, which many other masonry blocks cannot. This makes it a very versatile building product. It also means that site wastage can be kept to a minimum because special shapes and infill pieces can be easily cut.


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