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So you want a comfortable, flexible, resilient home that will last your lifetime and beyond? We believe that the best performing homes are built from masonry and that our aircrete blocks provide the perfect solution for your self-build project.

In over 90% of the new houses built in the UK each year the supporting structure is built from masonry. Whether the exterior finish is brick, render or wooden cladding, when it comes to the structure, masonry is overwhelmingly the preferred choice. You can’t see it when the building is finished, but that grey block provides the silent strength for your lifetime house.

of the raw material used to make Aircrete is recycled and ensures a sustainable product.
With a thermal conductivity as low as 0.11 W/mK your aircrete house will easily meet the latest Building Regulations.
A very long life expectancy (well in excess of the Green Guide to Housing Specifications 60 year building life).
of all raw materials are sourced from UK suppliers reducing the need for transportation.
You only build a Lifetime House once
You will have a thousand decisions to make: let us help you with the first one!
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