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H+H manufactures Celcon Blocks and is the UK’s largest aircrete manufacturer.

We have been operating in the UK since 1949 and have three plants which supply our aircrete blocks to builders’ merchants and construction sites up and down the country. Our Borough Green factory in Kent is the most modern and efficient aircrete factory in Europe.

H+H is a Europe-wide Group with its headquarters in Denmark and manufacturing facilities across Europe, so we benefit from the expertise, product innovation and experiences of the wider group.

Creating a sustainable aircrete product

We are committed to sustainability and have pioneered the sustainable manufacturing of aircrete in the UK. We are working to reduce the embodied carbon in our products and have committed to achieving net-zero emissions in our operations and products by 2050.

Aircrete itself is a sustainable material. It is long lasting, resilient, and made using a by-product from coal-fired power stations. However, homes built with our Celcon Blocks do not just benefit from the use of a sustainable product.

Aircrete blocks have excellent performance characteristics when in use. In particular, they contribute greatly to a building’s thermal performance. Using aircrete means energy efficiency is built into the fabric of a house.

We have been collaborating in the development of energy efficient house designs for decades, helping to meet the performance standards set by Building Regulations, Passivhaus and zero carbon homes.

H+H aircrete blocks create high-performing homes with long lifespans.

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