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When you think of Celcon Blocks you’ll likely picture them being used to build a blockwork wall. But there are other elements of a home that benefit from being built with aircrete. Read on to see exactly what aircrete can be used for in your self-build project.


Yes, aircrete can actually be used below damp proof course (DPC). H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks are used widely by housebuilders but are particularly well suited to self-build foundation construction. This is especially true if you plan on doing the building work yourself or want to keep your self-build labour costs down.

Lightweight and easy to use, aircrete foundation blocks require only a single leaf of blocks which can be laid onto a strip of poured concrete to match the thickness of the wall. Compared to cavity construction this is simpler, faster and can reduce labour time on site.

Celcon Foundation Blocks are ideal for both two and three storey home construction. H+H Foundation Block Standard Grade (3.6N/mm2) are suitable for lower-level homes and H+H Foundation Blocks High Strength (7.2N/mm2) are the best choice for taller houses.

Beam and Block Floors

Celcon Blocks can also be used in beam and block floors as the infill material between concrete beams. They are BBA certified for use in this type of floor and help to reduce heat loss from ground floors.

Walls: cavity, solid, partition and separating walls

Celcon Blocks can be used in cavity walls, solid walls and internal partition walls. Aircrete’s high acoustic and thermal performance make it an excellent choice for wall building, along with its lightweight nature which makes blocks easy to handle for labourers, speeding up construction.

Spandrels and gable ends

Aircrete can be used at roof height in the construction of spandrels and gable ends. Celcon Blocks can be easily cut on site with a mechanical saw or handsaw. This makes it easy for self-builders to achieve the detailing and precise angles needed to create these elements.

Energy efficient self-builds

Aircrete is an ideal choice for self-builders looking to save on energy bills and construct thermally efficient homes. Celcon Blocks have even been used to successfully construct Passivhaus self-build homes which are built to the strictest energy efficiency standards.


H+H aircrete can also be used to build extensions. Celcon Blocks are flexible and easy to use making them a great choice for the blockwork walls in an extension. H+H aircrete foundation blocks can also be used to build an extension’s foundations.

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