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Aircrete is a material that combines the strength and durability of concrete which is physically light weight that helps make a home easy and fast to construct.

H+H aircrete is made from a mix containing cement, lime and pulverised fuel ash (PFA) and a dash of aluminium powder.  Due to its properties, the aluminium forms millions of bubbles and then dissipates to create a lightweight block, which looks rather like the inside of an aero – but without the flavour!  The result is a block with all the strength needed to build a house with the added benefits of it being extremely lightweight and thermally efficient. 

Should you choose to build your house with aircrete, you will get a solid house that meets every aspect of the building standards within the UK.  It will be airtight and help save heating costs.  It is flexible too, so in the future if you should decide to build an extension, there will be no problems with fixing your new room to the old house; aircrete is that good.

If like many self-builders you also want your home to be sustainable, aircrete ticks all the boxes, even to Passivhaus standards, the most exacting.

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