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Low Carbon Living
Project facts
Type of Home: Detached House
No. of Bedrooms: Four
H+H Aircrete: Celcon Blocks Standard Grade
External Walls: Solid Wall construction
U-Value: 0.18W/M2K
The story...

High thermal mass, underfloor heating and an air source heat pump. This self-build project was ahead of the low carbon curve.

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Low Carbon Living

A decade ago the designers of this custom-build project in Berkshire were looking to the future with energy efficiency a top priority.

The owners wanted their new four-bed detached home to be warm and energy efficient with the feel of solid masonry.
Their new home was to be built while the owners were based overseas. It was to be constructed on the site of their old home, which was demolished as part of the project. Their home’s designer and builder Revolution Homes had no hesitation in recommending an aircrete and masonry solution based on H+H’s aircrete blocks for the new £350,000 Berkshire home.

Andrew Edwards, a partner at Revolution Homes, commented: “In this case the H+H aircrete system was ideal because it offered everything the client specified: a masonry solution with excellent thermal and acoustic properties and the same build time as timber-frame solutions”.

The system was perfect for this project due to its air tightness and thermal mass; absorbing heat well and releasing it slowly throughout the day.

H+H Celcon Blocks were used for the floor as the ideal accompaniment to underfloor heating, releasing absorbed heat slowly and avoiding temperature extremes.

The end result of the build was a dwelling with high thermal performance, and importantly a B rating in the Energy Performance Certificate. Together with the air source heat pump and underfloor heating, the use of aircrete created a highly energy efficient home that meets the challenge of low carbon living.

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