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A Rural Idyll
Project facts
Type of Home: Detached House
No. of Bedrooms: Two
H+H Aircrete: Celcon Blocks, Jumbo Bloks
Build Type: Thin-Joint
External Walls: Rendered & Clad with stone
U-Value: 0.15 W/mK
The story...

H+H Celcon and Jumbo Bloks were specified in this two-bedroom self-build project. The property has been designed to be a ‘lifetime home’ for Tony and his wife Marilyn, incorporating features such as a lift so their home can adapt for their future needs.

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A Rural Idyll

The site posed a number of logistical challenges, primarily the constrained size and shape of the garden plot. Therefore, aircrete’s inherent properties of being lightweight and easy to lay and manipulate on site
proved ideal for the job.  This was Tony’s first time using the  Thin-Joint System and he enjoyed  the ease of use of the products, as well as being able to re-use some of the excess aircrete blocks to reduce material wastage.

Tony and Marilyn’s “lifetime home” is extremely thermally efficient thanks to the use of H+H’s aircrete, achieving U-values that are fully compliant with current UK Building Regulations. Tony’s builders were new to using the Thin-Joint System so the project was a learning curve for them, however Tony himself felt confident in using the H+H blocks and would be happy to use them again. 

Reason for choosing H+H aircrete products:
An insulated concrete formwork method of build was initially considered but discarded because Tony felt it was too specialist. A Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) solution was also looked at however Tony wanted both a robust build and easy to use materials, which led to his decision to specify the Thin-Joint System of constriction using H+H

Products used / aircrete specification:
H+H High Strength Jumbo Bloks (7.3Nmm2) and H+H Standard Grade Blocks (3.6Nmm2) with Celfix Mortar, designed specifically for use as part of H+H’s Thin Joint System. Tony used H+H’s Standard Grade Blocks below DPC level and at the north facing gable end of the property.  H+H High Strength Jumbo Bloks were used elsewhere in the build. 

Concrete raft foundations were used in the build. External walls: Render was applied to one external wall. The remaining external walls were clad in reclaimed stone to complement the existing surroundings of the rural Lancashire.

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